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Kit Herron sat barefoot in her living room as makeup streaked down her face. It was July 5, and Herron’s home had been without air conditioning for nine days. Tears slipped out of the 77-year-old’s
Mosquitos can quickly ruin your day, but with so many options to keep them away, what works and what doesn't?Consumer Reports recently tested several mosquito repellents and remedies to keep the bugs
Zenless Zone Zero is Hoyoverse’s latest installment in their line of mobile RPGs, and while the aesthetic diverges notably from its other games, the systems and mechanics will be pretty
A dog rescued with a chain around her neck waited more than 100 days for a home — then came good news. A Florida animal shelter said a woman “came straight from work to adopt Monique, knowing she was
Hello Sir, is there anything I could assist you with? The word AI has become a catch all for anything technology and data related of late. From AI pictures, movies, driving cars, even the very phone
A fundraiser has been set up to assist the family of Saniya Felton, a 6-year-old who was killed in a fire in Bayonne on Monday, July 1."This is an extremely
In a mountain forest of Ecuador, a colorful creature with visible green bones perched on a leaf several feet off the ground. Something about the animal caught the attention of visiting scientists —
A new study has found a link between certain gut microbes and autism in children. The findings suggest that analyzing the gut microbiome could one day aid in diagnosing autism, potentially making the
You've seen the seminal slashers, monsters, and murderers, but these titles are here to give you a new slice of terror.
The Avengers changed the movie landscape. It’s not the first Marvel movie, but the “Marvel Cinematic Universe” concept was born when the Avengers were assembled. Here are 20 facts you might not know
Fans can't get over the way Taylor Swift's expression flipped like a switch when her eagle eyes took note of the most recent need for help in her audience. Swift was singing "my tears ricochet"
A dog that was found severely emaciated in the Hudson Valley is in the process of gaining her strength back following the arrest of her owner on animal cruelty
Archaeologists have unearthed a huge prehistoric monument during excavations along a highway route in the Czech Republic.The monument is a large burial mound measuring around 620 feet in length and
Backstage compiled a list of movies and TV shows casting in Harrisburg.
The idea that dogs and cats are mortal enemies has been pushed for so long that even dogs have begun believing it—although in most cases, it isn't true.A dog called Maggie has amused social media
She’s top of the bots. Kenza Layli, a hijab-wearing bionic belle from Morocco, has been crowned the world’s first-ever Miss AI.  “While I don’t feel emotions like humans do,” the chaste cyber siren
The glamorous world of the A-list elite comes complete with buckets of glitz and glam. When it comes to their wardrobes, no expense is spared to look like a million dollars. An outfit can speak a
A baby attempting to communicate with her deaf grandparents through sign language has gone viral on TikTok.The video, posted by Mara McCullough, 27, showcases her daughter sitting in her baby rocker,
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill researchers have determined whether a specific chemical modification of a protein that packages the genome called a histone affects gene activity and cell
One might think that, given their massive size, blue whales would be hard to miss and easy to study. But despite being the largest animals on Earth, surprisingly little is known about how they

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